Suction - Effective Mandibular Complete Denture : SEMCD

Mandibular Suction - Effective Denture and BPS : A Complete Guide
Jiro Abe, Kyoko Kokubo, and Koji Sato

This book presents a dramatic new approach to complete denture prosthetics that combines a simple four-step fabrication technique with effective mandibular suction. Using the Bio-functional Prosthetic System(BPS) in an easy-to-learn clinical technique, the analogue and digital authors explain, step by step, how to fabricate a BPS denture and then outline the procedure necessary for fabricating a suction-effective denture. A new approach to impression taking is outlined that uses a frame cut back tray to record the specific anatomical features of dental soft tissue and the underlying bony structures and minimize any distortion. This impression technique allows for a more accurate denture form and thus, better denture suction. Included are discussions related to the management of complex cases of total edentulism in both the maxilla and mandible as well as instruction on esthetic enhancement of the patient. A great resource for any clinician looking to complete their understanding of the denture fabrication.

  • The Mandibular Suction Mechanism
  • The Analogue and Digital Bio-functional Prosthetic System
  • Protocols for Fabrication of Suction-Effective Dentures
  • Managing Difficult Cases
  • Esthetic Enhancement





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